So who am I?

I'm a full time Digital Illustrator working mainly within the furry community. My income is mainly made of Commissions, Patreon, E-shop purchases, Twitch, and occasional tips.


I'm trying to build up more of a following on Patreon so I can offer more content on there besides just posting commissions.

So a bit about me..

My name is Heather Abbott, but you can call me Werepuppy. I'm 35 years old and I've loved drawing ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. 

I've always had an obsession with wolves and animals in general, and during my teens I discovered what furries are; and everything blossomed from there.


Commission Info

Prices displayed are a base price, and may be more depending on complexity, such as additional characters, complicated markings, complex outfits, poses, large wings, or extra limbs.

I cannot give an accurate quote without reference images and full commission details, so these must be provided before a full quote is given.

You must be 18 or older in order to commission me! 

Commissions are in order of payment received, with Patrons getting first priority via the VIP queue as well as getting 7 days reservation rights. You can become a patron by supporting me from just $2 a month via Patreon to get the rights to queue skip ahead of public commissions.

I always aim to get commissions done within the month quoted, taking my entire queue into consideration. I will queue up to 1.5 months in advance, however money earned from commissions is NOT touched until the work is completed.

My TOS is available at any time via my Trello.

Additional examples & YCH options are available via my Telegram Channel.


Support me!


You can support me directly via Patreon to see artwork before it drip feeds to social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) as well as access to WIPs, VIP Queue priority on commissions, 7 day reservation rights, and discounts up to 50% off!

Pledge from just $2 a month, to get immediate access.

There are also special monthly rewards unlocked at $5, $10, and $50 tiers respectively. 

Please check out my Patreon for more information!