The things I create

As well as creating digital artwork, I make a number of crafty things on the side.

I also sell artwork based merchandise via TeePublic, as well as stuff I've made with my own bare hands via Depop, and lastly I enjoy designing characters which I sell via Toyhouse.


You can order merchandise via Depop.

This is where you can find prints, cross stitch, acrylic charms, stickers and more!

Or get my artwork printed onto various items such as Tshirts, mugs, etc with TeePublic!

I also love to design characters, be it from scratch or using F2U or P2U bases! I usually have plenty of designs up for sale for those looking for a new fursona or to add to their collection. Collecting Original Characters can be an addicting hobby within the furry community.


The internal ramblings of Werepuppy, condensed into comic form.

Available to read via WebToons & Tapas!

Pay to Use Bases


I'm starting to produce a number of P2U (pay to use) bases that other artists can obtain via Patreon to create characters with. It includes rights to use for profit, and allows edits.

For info on what bases are currently available to choose from: click here

To obtain bases, please go to Patreon and pledge;

$5+ to get access to the Mini Base

$10+ to get access to the above & the Main Base

$50+ to get access to the above & an edited version of any base

You will either get that month's released base, sent around the 15th of each month

OR if you message me on Patreon, or social media quoting your Patreon username

you can choose a different base of your choosing from the available list.

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