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The things I create

As well as creating digital artwork, I offer premade items on the side.

I also sell digital art assets via my Ko-fi Shop, and I also enjoy designing characters from time to time which I sell via Toyhouse.


If you are a streamer on Twitch or Youtube, or have a Discord community you may be interested in the premade emotes that are available to purchase via my Ko-fi Shop!

I also have Pay to use Character bases available here for those that want to design characters using my own lineart, as well as Vtuber assets, of which a large selection is available to download for FREE!

I also love to design characters, be it from scratch or using F2U or P2U bases! I usually have plenty of designs up for sale for those looking for a new fursona or to add to their collection. Collecting Original Characters can be an addicting hobby within the furry community.

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