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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do any free art / art requests?
As art is now my full time career, I cannot work for free. Whilst there will be rare occasions such as drawing gifts for my friends, taking part in art events or running giveaways, I do not offer free art on a regular basis. 

Where can I buy your stuff?

- Ko-fi Shop (Emotes, Character Lineart bases, & Vtuber assets)

What do you use to draw?
Paint tool Sai and a Huion Kamvas screen tablet.

I don't have any money, how else can I support you?
- Retweet/Likes on Twitter
- Shares/Likes on Facebook

- Like/Bookmark/Share to stories on Instagram
- Following my Ko-fi

- Watch my streams on Twitch!
- Join my discord

How old are you?
Currently 36 years old

What do you find inspires you?
My art style originally stems from cartoon films such as the Lion King and Balto, and is constantly expanding as I experiment and try new things. 

What do you like drawing best?
Mostly within the furry fandom, so anthropomorphic animals. My main focus has always been on character design and illustration. I have also been getting more and more comfortable with finding my footing in humanoid illustrations as well.

Why are you so awesome?
I don't treat other artists as competition, but rather as a large family that should work together and help each other to grow.


Networking with other artists is very important to me, and if you ever need help with reach on twitter or Facebook, I'm more than happy to share/retweet or even lend some friendly advice. A lot of what I learned is from talking to other artists, so it would be selfish to withhold that knowledge from others.

How do you keep motivated?
I have a mantra that I follow.
"Draw even when it looks terrible, especially if it looks terrible"

The reasoning behind this is that our perception of art and our ability to create art is constantly interchanging. When your perception > ability you can see the flaws and your art appears to be bad. When your ability > perception you can't see the flaws so your art appears good. Being aware of this, I no longer encounter art block as I do not let myself to stop drawing just because it doesn't look right. 

In fact, I would recommend being more messy with your sketching when you're in that perception > ability state, and clean sketching on another layer or two until you achieve what you're trying to draw.

Can I message you?

You are free to message me at any time on social media, if you want to make a business enquiry, get advise, or something similar.